Nude. Natural Sparkling Mineral Water 30L Keg

Nude water is 100% Natural Sparkling Water that is kegged at source in the Paarl Valley mountains. By kegging as in instead of bottling Nude water ensures zero unnecessary packaging. It also means we can provide our clients the highest quality product at half the price.

Fill up beautiful swing top bottles for your guests that can then be refilled or simply have the option to serve by the glass.


Chemical Analysis mg/L:

Ca (Calcium) 2.7

Mg (Magnesium) 4.8

Na (Sodium) 3.6

K (Potassium) 1.5

Cl (Chloride) 50

SO4 (Sulphate) 5.4

N (Nitrate) 3.6

F (Flouride) <0.1

Fe (Iron) >0.1

Al (Aluminium) >0.1

Total Alkalinity 13

TDS 166

Ph 6.2

0.45 Micron Filtration

Proudly South African


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