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CBC Pilsner 30L Keg

A Craft Pilsner with a strong hops aroma and nice bitter finish.

Colour: Light Blonde
Fermentation: Brewed in the style of the Lager. Cold fermentation, bottom fermenting yeast
Malt: Imported specialty malt and the best selected barley malt
Hops: The best aroma hops in the world gives it a unique flavour and an exquisite bitterness
Yeast: Specially cultured Pilsner yeast
Water: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water
Taste: Carefully selected hops impart a strong, hoppy aroma with a nice bitter finish.

Alcohol: 5.2Vol%
Keg Volume: 30 Litres
Equivalent 500ml Draughts: 60
Equivalent 340ml Draughts: 88

Proudly South African