• Is the tap included in the keg price

    Your tap and keg are two separate rental items 

  • What keeps my drinks cold

    Your tap and keg are two separate rental items 

  • How long does it take for my drinks to get cold

    Once you add ice onto the cold plate, after pouring one glass your beverage will be ice cold.

  • You are welcome to hold onto the keg for a little longer however please note that our team must be notified and a daily rental rate will apply 

  • What happens if I want two different types of drinks, will I need two tap units?

    Yes, if you wish to pour two different drinks simultaneously you will require two units. 

  • How is my booking secured

    50% of your invoice secures your booking and the balance will be required 7 days priors to your event 

  • What is the difference between a Jockey Box and Barrel Unit

    Both units operate the same and their output is the same. The barrel unit is free-standing while the jockey box needs to be placed on a table

  • Can I collect?

    Yes we allow for collection on all jockey boxes, however Barrel units need to be delivered by our team